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Postmortem Mesothelioma Diagnosis /
Lung-Only Autopsy

Mesothelioma is a notoriously hard to diagnose. There are several reasons for this, including the disease’s long latency period. However, it is the nature of the symptoms that is most responsible for late stage diagnosis. The  symptoms of mesothelioma  make it hard to recognize early on. Distinguishing mesothelioma from other diseases requires a biopsy and pathology report to make a definite diagnosis. By this point, the symptoms might have begun developing into the more serious metastatic symptoms.
After Death Diagnosis:
A Lung-Only Autopsy or a Postmortem Mesothelioma Diagnosis, is a limited postmortem examination of the lungs, heart, and thoracic cavity to determine and diagnose the existence of Pleural Mesothelioma. This procedure gives loved one’s answers to questions regarding a wrongful death related to asbestos exposure and with the guidance of their lawyer could be the grounds for legal action.

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