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Coroner and Medical Examiner

With a decades long shortage of board certified Forensic Pathologists, little-to-no Federal oversight, and a national autopsy rate at around 8%, Medical Examiners, Coroner, and Law Enforcement Offices are often times over burdened with the responsibility of providing autopsies services for their communities. Our company is a great alternative for those offices in need of assistance.

Coroner/ME Services


Our Pathologists and Technicians can provide locum tenens for your staff ie: holiday, sick leave, and/or retirement.

Independent Autopsies (Off Site)

We can perform private and independent autopsies at our morgue facility should the need arise.

Autopsy Services (On Site)

Our Pathologists and Technicians can perform a full and complete autopsy at your facility should the need arise.


We offer complimentary refrigeration to our clients


We own and operate our own off-site morgue to meet the needs of our clients.

Diener Services

Our Technicians are available to assist staff Pathologists with any and all aspects of postmortem procedure.

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