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Private Autopsy

A full and complete postmortem examination to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any and all disease or injury that may be present.

Forensic Autopsy

A full and complete postmortem examination to determine identity, and if the death was an accident, homicide, suicide, or a natural event

Exhumation/Disinternment Autopsy

A Forensic Autopsy performed after burial, in some instances years after burial. DNA, Pathological findings, and any forensic evidence are collected to determine identity, and manner of death.

Fetal Autopsy

A full and complete postmortem examination of placental, fetal, and neonatal tissue is performed to determine the cause and manner of fetal demise, and to evaluate any and all disease, injury, or genetic abnormalities.

2nd Opinion re-Autopsy

If an initial autopsy was performed by a Medical Examiner, Coroner, or Hospital Physician but questions remain before burial or cremation, a full and complete autopsy can still be performed with the remaining pathology

Partial/Limited Autopsy

Limited Autopsies can be performed for specific reasons such as diagnosing neurological conditions (Brain only Autopsy) or diagnosing Mesothelioma (Lung only Autopsy).

Postmortem Neurological Diagnosis/ Brain-Only Autopsy

Evaluating and diagnosing neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, etc) is complicated and complex. Many of the same symptoms happen in different combinations among the different disorders. To further complicate the diagnostic process, many disorders do not have definitive causes, markers, or tests. The only definitive  answer for families and loved one’s is through a postmortem neurological analysis

Postmortem Mesothelioma Diagnosis/ Lung-Only Autopsy

Postmortem examinations can bring peace of mind after an individual has died of mesothelioma or another disease related to asbestos exposure. Tissue samples are collected from the deceased and examined both for asbestos fibers and the definitive anatomical changes associated with long-term asbestos exposure. A mesothelioma postmortem exam can also provide the basis of legal action should such redress be sought.

Postmortem Toxicology Analysis

Postmortem toxicology analysis is the detection, identification, and measurement of foreign compounds (chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, drugs of abuse and natural toxins) in biological (urine, vitreous, blood) and other specimens (hair, saliva, liver, etc) in order to determine a full toxicology report

Postmortem DNA retrieval/ DNA Banking

Sections of multiple organs can be removed and sent out at the request of the next of kin for the purpose of DNA Genomic Sequencing to aid families in determining the predisposition of genetic diseases and to preserve familial ancestry.

Postmortem & Procurement Services

  • Full & Complete Procurement Services (Tissue, Bone, Fluids, DNA)
  • Forensic & Medical Photography
  • Contract Diener Services

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